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A Visit to Peony Heaven at Cricket Hill Garden in Lovely New England

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Bonjour, Friends!

I had been on the search for a beautiful peony garden in Connecticut when I stumbled upon Cricket Hill Garden in Thomaston, Connecticut!  The Furmans’, Kasha and David, established Cricket Hill Garden in 1989 and they soon became one of the most respected growers of Chinese tree peonies in the United States, selling true-to-name varieties of these rare plants.  They have so many lovely varieties of peony plants for sale.  Also, if you are looking to learn more about the peony flower, peony care (i.e., how to grow peonies, when to cut back peonies, when to cut peonies, transplanting peonies), you can visit the Cricket Hill Garden blog.
            Kasha & David Furman 1991         Cricket Hill Garden 2022                

I convinced my daughter, Arianna, to join me with her 35mm camera on an adventure to Peony Heaven.  After loading the car up with many of my products to photograph on May 27th, we ventured out for the 50-minute drive.

 Regina and Arianna Salafia en route to Peony Heaven 

(Regina is wearing her artist created branded scarf featuring peonies, all things pink & French!  This scarf is available in her boutique.)

We arrived just before their 10 am opening and were pleasantly greeted by Catherine, the owner’s niece.  She pointed us where to park and met us there with a sweet, hand-drawn map of the gardens.  I wish I had worn sneakers as it had rained the night before and the grass was still wet.  My inappropriate footwear choice was sparkly flip-flops.  I’m not sure what I was thinking-definitely wear good walking shoes.

Regina & Catherine, Kasha Forman’s Niece

Since it was later in the season, Catherine told us where the peonies were blooming at that time.  We opted for the flatter route past the house (which is the Furman residence) down near the lovely pond.  We ended up photographing many of the hybrid tree peonies.

Cricket Hill Garden Map

The area was picturesque with the sights, sounds, scents, and peace all wrapped up in a bottle.  We were in awe of the bright-colored peonies.  They vividly stood out in the haze from the evening rain giving the area a secret garden feel.  


Cricket Hill Gardens has specific hours Monday thru Saturday and they do tours upon appointment.  If you’re looking for a peaceful adventure, plan a visit to Cricket Hill Garden, aka Peony Heaven!  They have so many beautiful peony plants for sale-you may even want to take one home to enjoy for years to come during peony season!  After all, nothing is prettier than a peony bouquet in your home!

If you like peonies as much as I do, visit the Collection, All Things Peony, on my website.  Also, if you’re curious as to why I selected the peony as an integral part of my boutique, you can read about it here.  

Au revoir!


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