Care of Handmade Items

Following is a list of how to care for your handmade items:

Hand Stenciled Towels - Your towel is hand stenciled with a permanent black ink and heat set.  However, with this being said, the ink will eventually break down. To ensure the longevity of the stenciling, washing in a lingerie bag is recommended.

Scrub Caps - It is recommended that you wash your handmade scrub cap in a lingerie bag and hang to dry. Starching and ironing will help to give your scrub cap a crisper appearance.

T-Shirts - It is recommend that you wash your garment in cold water, inside out and hang to dry in order to extend the life of the vinyl decal. Your item can be ironed, but parchment paper must be placed over the decal. The iron should not directly touch the decal.

Masks - The nosepiece should be removed when laundering. It is recommend to wash your handmade item in a lingerie bag or hand wash and hang to dry. If there’s visible makeup on the mask, hand scrub first. An iron and spray starch can be used to give your handmade item a crisper appearance.