Bonjour & Welcome Friends!

I want to thank you for taking the time to drop by my French inspired boutique!

Now let me introduce myself…my name is Regina and I’m a full time Dental Hygienist, curator, seamstress, and founder of Chic Peony Boutique, LLC (formerly Scrub Caps, Etc. LLC). My handmade items are custom and made here in quaint Connecticut, the heart of New England.

My crafting days stem from my childhood in Minnesota. My Grandma was very creative and taught me how to sew. I would enjoy our trips to the fabric store where we would sit and browse the pattern books looking for something for my Grandma to make me. My Dad was also crafty, he taught me how to do bead work on a loom. I still enjoy beading and am excited to add more of this to my shop.

Sewing continued to surface in my life over the years. While in high school I worked in a tailor shop. This experience inspired me to want to design. Although my dream was delayed, I never lost my crafting skills. For my wedding, I opted to make my bridesmaid’s dresses because I had a particular vision on how the dresses would look. About five years later I was blessed with two daughters. I wanted to be the one to introduce sewing to my daughters, so I helped them create bags of their own while in elementary school.  To this day they use the skills I helped them gain at a young age.

I’ve most certainly been blessed with a hard-working, loving husband of over twenty-five years. Our lives have been centered around our two lovely daughters who are both in college and are our everything. I’m sure all you parents can relate!

I rediscovered my love of sewing once again during the Covid-19 pandemic when I began making masks for our local hospital. What started as a little side hustle has evolved into a little girls dream come true!

It’s my hope that my love shines through in each of my creations. In addition to my handmade items, I’m overjoyed to bring many lovely, curated retail items from other small businesses to my boutique.  After all it’s about community over competition, isn’t it?

Warmest Wishes,


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We're so happy you're here.

Take a minute to pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, grab your favorite throw and curl up on the couch. Give yourself permission to relax while you browse Chic Peony Boutique.

If you are looking for something custom or need help selecting the right fabrics for your gift, reach out to Regina. She’s always happy to help you select the perfect gift. …xo

We Love What We Do

If you love what you do, it shows.

It shows in your attitude. It shows in your work ethic. It shows in your desire to want to be better.

This is why Regina is up by 4 am to work on Chic Peony Boutique before going to her full time job.

She loves what she does. …xo

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