Must Have Chic Peony Boutique Products for the Summer (& Free Printable Vacation Checklist!)

Must Have Chic Peony Boutique Products for the Summer (& Free Printable Vacation Checklist!)

Bonjour, Friends!

The best season of the year, summer, is just around the corner and I'm here to give you a little exclusive on what products, from my boutique, are essentials for the summer time.

First off, let's start with beauty product essentials.  A body scrub is a must for the summer to keep our skin looking smooth and radiant. Our Chic Peony Exclusive Sugar Scrub is the perfect option; not only does it feel amazing on the skin, it smells amazing too.

Chic Peony Boutique Exfoliating Peony Sugar Scrub

The perfect follow up product to our Chic Peony Sugar Scrub is the Chic Peony Exclusive Whipped Body Butter. Applying this product immediately following an exfoliant will help ensure our skin stays moisturized throughout the entire day.  (I absolutely loves using it right before bed because your skin feels so amazingly hydrated!)

Chic Peony Exclusive Body Butter

Next let's talk about traveling!  

Summer is the season of travel and the warm weather has everyone wanting to take a trip to the beach. Now, at times, traveling can be stressful with trying to keep your suitcase organized and trying to keep all our cosmetic products together without any breaking can be nearly impossible. Chis Peony’s variety of different cosmetic bags such as our Picnic In The Vineyard, Nautical Rope Knot, and Sail Away with Me cosmetic bags are the perfect solution to our traveling needs. Not only is the print chic and fashionable, the bag is spacious enough to fit all of our favorite products.  I’m already thinking about how I’ll pack mine on our trip to Myrtle Beach this summer!  

Picnic in the Vinyard Champagne and Wine Cosmetic BagNautical Cosmetic BagSail Away with Me Chic Peony Cosmetic Bag

Lastly, the hot weather that comes with summer, at most times, is very enjoyable; however, we may find ourselves a sweating mess when trying to look cute while wearing our hair down. The perfect solution to that is trying out our Scrunchies. These adorable scrunchies will allow you to get your hair out of your face and neck leaving you with a cute updo perfect for fighting off the summer heat.  Oh, and they also look super cute on the wrist!

Satin Scrunchies

Did you know that I also hand makes enormous Towel Scrunchies??  These two twist scrunchies are made from luxe towels and are ultra absorbent!  Whether you decide to sleep with them, throw your hair up at the gym or the beach, you’ll look adorable!

Luxurious and Absorbent Towel Scrunchie

Hope these few product recommendations help you out this summer!  Oh, and if you haven’t already signed up to be part of the Peony Club, you can do so right here.  You’ll receive an email for 10% off your first order as my appreciation.

Au revoir!


P.S. If you’re curious as to how I created Chic Peony, you can read about it here!

P.P.S. If you have any Myrtle Beach recommendations, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

P.P.S.  I want to include a special Vacation Checklist as a gift to you for supporting my business!  …xx


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