The Coastal Grandmother & Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic Trend

The Coastal Grandmother & Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic Trend

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Bonjour, Friends!

By now you’ve probably heard of the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic trend.  Did you know it became a trend on the platform TikTok and is inspired by Nancy Meyers?  That’s right, @lexnicoleta, explains it all on TikTok.

What is it, you ask?  It’s an East Coast casual, but elegant vibe (think Nancy Meyers movies).  Imagine a bright airy home with white sheers, bright sunshine, and fresh flowers on the table.  Lots of white and blue aesthetics in the classic nautical style.  Pretty straw hats, white linen pants, and a button-down shirt in tan, light blue, or white.  I’ve created a few looks from casual to going out below along with some items from my boutique that blend well with this classic trend. 

Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic, Coastal Grandmother Style

Do you see where I’m going with this?  The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is not just a trend or a look, it is a lifestyle.  It’s picturesque New England in a bottle.  It’s an elegance in the way you carry yourself; confidence that is poised, not boastful.  A Coastal Grandmother has a chic elegance about her.

With a Coastal Grandmother, there must be a Coastal Granddaughter.  What does she wear?  She’s more casual; an oversized sweatshirt, denim shorts, hair in a bun kind of girl.  When she goes out, she’s elegant, just like her Coastal Grandmother, but in a more trendy versus classic kind of way.  

I ran across this trend when I was on TikTok (yes, I am on TikTok!).  TikTok is not just dancing videos.  There is a wealth of information on there.  Of course, like anything else, you have to be discerning and sift through; however, I have gotten great business tips and life tips on there.  I ran across this trend on TikTok and decided I needed to jump in to create my Coastal Grandmother Inspired blue and white scarf.

The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic Scarf by Chic Peony Boutique

This is a classic look that can be worn many ways-all depending on which part of the scarf is pulled through the loop.  It’s so chic and is the perfect gift for the Coastal Grandmother in your life!  If you are curious about the story behind why I started my business, you can read about it here.

Au revoir!


P.S. I’m curious to know if you are on TikTok?  Would you like me to do a blog on it?  

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Loving this whole look! It’s just so classic, simple and timeless! Also, now I have someone new to follow on TikTok! I need to get on that train! Great post and beautiful scarf! :) Heather


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