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Handmade Large Heart Shaped Lavender or Peony Scented Hot/Cold Pack with Lavender Oil or Peony Oil Gift Set

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This handcrafted heart-shaped hot pack is fully microwavable, providing soothing warmth and comfort as needed at any time of the day.

This large heart measures approximately 10x10” perfect for relieving any tension and soreness on any part of the body.

Simply microwave the heart for intervals of 30 seconds and enjoy. Apply directly on the body for comfort or tuck under your covers with you as a sleep aid on those bitterly cold winter nights to ensure long-lasting warmness.  

The oil is a luxurious blend of lavender oil or peony oil formulated in Connecticut by Akwaaba Skin.

Did you know these can also be placed in the freezer to be used cold?  Whether you're trying to comfort a fever or want to stay cool at the beach, these will do the trick!  Place it in the freezer to chill it and if you’re bringing it along to the beach, pop it in a ziplock and toss it in your cooler.

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