Spilling the Tea on How to Stay Cool in the Heat-Chic Peony Style with a Chance to Win a Pink Champagne Lip Care Kit

Spilling the Tea on How to Stay Cool in the Heat-Chic Peony Style with a Chance to Win a Pink Champagne Lip Care Kit

Bonjour, Friends!

It’s officially summertime and the glorious summer weather is upon us!  Long sunny days with the sound of birds in the background and evenings filled with the sound of crickets and the smell of fresh cut grass.  

For many of us, it’s our favorite time of the year.  It’s often when the children are home, the flowers are in bloom and it’s time to head to the beach.

Me at my favorite beach in Ogunquit, Maine in 2016

What is it about the beach that is so peaceful?  Is it the sound of the ocean waves?  The slight breeze?  The sand between your toes?  Becoming engrossed in a good novel to the point that you are lulled into a nap while being serenaded by the sea?

It sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?  If I asked you what you bring to the beach, what would you say?  A cooler filled with snacks, I bet!  Why do things taste so much better at the beach?  Going to the beach is similar to going to a theater-you feel the need to snack.  Oh, and who else brings Pringles along?  I don’t eat Pringles any other time of the year-I think it’s their uncrushable can that lures me to make them part of my beach ensemble.  Frozen grapes are a must at the beach to help keep us cool!  

How do you stay cool at the beach?  I love my beach chair because it has an awning that I can pull up and get a little shade.  I also have a big glamorous beach hat that I love embarrassing my family with!  Cool drinks are a must to pack in our coolers!  In addition to these items, did you know my Reusable Hot/Cold Packs are a chic way to help keep us cool??  Cover it with a plastic bag (so it doesn’t get dirty) and place it in the freezer and then in your cooler.  Not only will it assist in keeping your drinks and snacks cool, you can whip it out to cool yourself off too!  My friends, what is better than that?


A few of my Heart Shaped Reusable Hot/Cold Pack Collection

If you own one of my Reusable Hot/Cold Packs, bring yours along to the beach and start snapping!!  Tag me in your photos looking glamorous with your lush hot/cold packs and be entered to win one of my Pink Champagne Lip Care Kits, a $24 value!  If you want to take part in this fun promotion and don’t own one, you can order one here and message me so I can get it to you asap (don’t worry you have until 8/31/22 to enter)!


Pink Champagne Lip Care Kit 

Entries Accepted for This Promotional Giveaway Through 8/31/22

Au revoir!


P.S. If you’re curious about some of Chic Peony’s other summer essentials, read about them here!

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